We all know about the political party “Establishments”.  However, has anyone ever mentioned the “Beltway Establishment”, the biggest one of all?

The Beltway Establishment is in a “bubble”.  It is an insular and exclusive bubble.  It exists and thrives within this bubble, oblivious to the rest of America. This is the political and social world of Washington, D.C. the administration, congress, lobbyists, consultants, media commentators and yes, even though the financial firms are not physically located there, Wall Street is the American financial sector that operates within this bubble as well.  All corporations and the wealthy 1% operate inside this bubble.  Those operating in this bubble make the decisions that affect the lives of every American citizen.  This Beltway establishment operates without any “oversight“.  Nor, are there any consequences for bad decisions made.  It doesn’t matter if the actions of people in this bubble destroy the economy of the whole country, they are immune to any prosecution.  They are in the bubble!

I have watched as our freedom as Americans has slowly been taken over by those in this bubble!  No one entity is powerful enough to stop this siphoning of our freedom or the power those in the bubble continue to usurp on a daily basis.

Our freedom depends on the ‘American People Establishment” becoming one loud voice, telling the Beltway Establishment we no longer accept their power or their policies.  We no longer accept man made laws that send American jobs overseas so corporations can make an even larger profit to share among their leaders.  We no longer accept the inequality of wealth in this country so the wealthy can put more money in tax havens overseas.  We no longer accept a congress that only benefits those same wealthy but does nothing to help the American middle class to improve their lives.  We no longer accept the criminal justice system that allows those in this bubble to commit all manner of crimes without punishment.  We no longer support a political party that continues to usurp our freedom to vote without having to declare “allegiance” to any party. We no longer accept any administration going along with this form of voter suppression.

It is up to each of us to take back the freedoms our forefathers fought so hard and died for. We must honor their sacrifice with bold action!

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