This presidential election has brought out the “worst of the worst”!  These “venom spewers” are both Trump and Hillary supporters.  I have yet to find a “positive” article on Trump because I am not reading those particular sites (are there any?).  Consequently, most of the “venom” I read is from Hillary supporters.  Then, the Trump supporters spew their venom back at the Hillary supporters!  It’s a back and forth game of mostly insults!

Trump supporters defend everything Trump says or does, no matter how despicable or untrue.  They say the Hillary supporters are blind to everything Hillary has done or not done in the past thirty years. They say Hillary is in league with Wall Street, corporations and the 1% of this country.  They say Hillary is using the Clinton Foundation for “pay for play”.  They say Hillary agreed with her husband, Bill Clinton, during his administration, on legislation that repealed the Glass-Stegal Act that kept Wall Street under control and legislation that made life harder for African Americans.  They say Hillary pushed Obama for the “regime change” in Libya and the war in Syria, etc.  They say Hillary, as of Secretary of State, did nothing to help America and all she did was “travel a lot”.  They say she is “hiding the truth” about her real health issues. They and, Trump himself, calls her names like lying Hillary, crooked Hillary, corrupt Hillary, etc. They detest Hillary.  Trump supporters accuse the MSM of being on “Hillary’s side”.

Hillary supporters defend everything Hillary says or has ever done in the past thirty years, no matter how far fetched or untrue.  They accuse Trump of being crazy or worse. They accuse Trump supporters of being “dumb” or “uninformed”.  They accuse him of lying about everything.  Arianna Huffington puts an “Editor Note” at the end of every article on the HuffPost site saying: “Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist…….”  These are the same things Hillary says about Trump.  How much more can you hate the guy?  Can’t spew much worse “venom” than that!   Hillary also called Trump supporters “deplorables” and, her supporters are now using that as well.   Karen Topham, in her HuffPost article, calls Trump “orangutan with a bad haircut”!  There are many more of these insults in other articles. These are published writers not being shy about their “bias”!  Hillary’s supporters accuse the MSM of being on “Trump’s side”.

This hatred does not exist just with the citizen supporters of both candidates.  It also exists within the Democratic and Republican establishments.  Each political party has it’s “surrogates” to speak for the candidates.  They spend more time on name calling than they do on the issues important to the American people.

Since Trump is a “newcomer” to the “political game and, Hillary has 30 years of practice, it is natural there will be more of Hillary’s “past record” to defend.  However, Trump’s practices as a businessman and his “unscripted outlandish statements” are also there to defend.

The end result we have today is a “sham” that is called a presidential campaign.  This “campaign” has run amok and it is the American voters who will pay the price, no matter who they vote for!








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