There was no “debate” Monday night.  There was an hour and half of Trump & Hillary insulting each other, taking credit for things they haven’t done and, making promises they do not intend to keep.  We learned absolutely nothing from this debate.  Every issue has been covered and regurgitated in the news every day. This debate was a “sham” by the two political parties that have control of how many debates, who can participate in these debates, what subjects to discuss, etc.  They also make the rules for how many tickets, to whom, etc.  There is nothing “democratic” about these debates!

After reading the MS news sites, 99% of the articles were about how badly Trump did, followed with each and every “mistake” the writers and pundits could make note of.  CNN gave Hillary the “debate win.”  The “poll” was based on polling 41% Democrats and 26% Republicans. …DUH!   There was not one negative comment about Hillary’s performance.  The only comments about Hillary were positive.  It’s as if we were looking at two different debates.  I do realize that certain newscasts and newspapers are “biased”.   The HuffPost was the most biased as far as articles written and number of articles against Trump (mostly all) on the site.  I read this site every day but will no longer.  In every news site it was “follow the leader” with the same comments about Trump’s “bad performance” and the same “glowing remarks” for Hillary.  Out of all the articles I read, I found only two writers who did a good “journalistic job” of covering this debate.  They treated each candidate more equally than other writers. They are Jonathan Easley and Joe Concha.

I also checked out CNN and MSNBC.  I found the same attitude on those as well.  Making fun of Trump’s performance and talking about how great Hillary was, to the point of nausea!  Although I have never watched FOX, I probably should have gone to that channel to watch for a while to get some kind of “biased balance”.  I have never paid any attention to FOX because they are so brazenly biased.  However, I stopped watching the others during the primaries because they are no better in their bias than FOX!

I am no Trump supporter and would never vote for him.  However, what I have come to realize is that it really doesn’t matter who we vote for.  Both candidates are not running to help the American people.  They are running for themselves and the power!  One thing Hillary and her supporters always stress is that Hillary will keep you safe, Trump is going to “blow up the world”.   Hillary has “proved” her ability to do just that with every “regime change” she helped in the Middle East and, she promises more of the same.  Yet, they accuse Trump of “fear mongering”!  Trump supporters talk about Hillary not disclosing transcripts of her Wall Street speeches.  Yet, it’s o.k. that Trump doesn’t disclose his tax returns.  Just one accusation after another from both the Hillary and Trump camps.  This entire campaign is a total disaster and, these debates are a “farce”!

I have said before and will say again. I calm myself with the thought if we were able to survive G.W. Bush for eight years, we will be able to survive either of these candidates for four years!

Hang in there America!  Our day will come!

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