Last night’s debate is all over but the shouting…literally!  To my surprise, I learned a few more things about both the candidates.  Neither pleasing nor helpful.  To me, the only winner was the moderator, Chris Wallace.  He had good questions on issues that the “people” wanted to hear but were never asked or fully answered in the previous debates. He gave a nice “balance” to the overall debate and I don’t think anyone could say he was “biased”.  Isn’t it ironic that the one moderator who was least biased in their treatment of the candidates was someone from FOX!

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about the answers from either candidate to the questions raised about the Supreme Court, Immigration and, the Economy.  I think they both gave pretty clear answers on these issues and there is a distinct difference between the two.

Trumps knowledge of the issues surprised me with his definitive and confident answers to the questions. I could see he had done his “homework”.  He has come a long way in this “quest” for the presidency and I will give him credit where credit is due. I do agree with some of what Trump suggests for America.  However, there is much more I don’t agree with. Trump is still Trump and I could not, in good conscience, vote for someone I am not sure I can trust.

Hillary did well in giving specific answers on the issues also.  However, as usual, she was too “verbose”.  Although I am more in line with Hillary’s policy positions, my question is “will she really implement these policies if she is president”?  One of my big problems with Hillary is she “ducked” the serious questions about her private server emails and those that WikiLeaks has been publishing.  These are serious questions that needed answering as well but she chose to “deflect” the question by changing the issue. Hillary is still Hillary!  I know more of Hillary simply because of her long career in politics.  Consequently, I have more reasons not to trust her judgments, especially in foreign affairs. She has admitted she is for “regime change”, which means more wars in the Middle East.

What ended any possibility of voting for Hillary is when she accused Putin of espionage! Hillary ‘claimed” “Russia hacked our country to influence our election” and “The Russian government has engaged in espionage against Americans”. She “claimed” Russia gave the information to WikiLeaks. Hillary also claimed “this has come from the highest levels of the Russian government, “clearly from Putin himself”!  These statements are horrifying!  For a United States presidential candidate to accuse another country’s leader of espionage and interfering in our presidential elections (on national television with millions around the world watching) is unbelievably dangerous!  To deflect the real issues of those leaked emails Hillary has possibly put our country in harms way!  Do we want a president that is willing to go this far to win an election?  God help us all!

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