During his last press conference on Friday, December 16th, President Obama said there was “no proof” Russia interfered in the election.  This explains why the CIA, FBI & some other Intelligence officers (not all agree within these agencies) will not “disclose” their findings. They don’t have any!  What a “sham”!  One of the worst lies promoted during the presidential campaign by Hillary, her campaign staff, her supporters and, MSM.  Obama finally admitted there was “no proof”.  However, Hillary, Podesta, the entire Democratic establishment and, MSM are still “promoting the false news”.

This not only undermines our democracy.  It is also very dangerous!  Obama has always been “cool” to Russia. Yes, Putin has done nothing to “warm” our relations with Russia.  Nevertheless, it is dangerous to accuse another country of such an act.  This is not the diplomacy Obama likes to be noted for.

Russia is another country we have no business interfering in.  Haven’t we started enough wars getting involved in other countries internal strife (Middle East)?  Is it worth starting another war using a lie about Russia to try to win an election?  It is appalling to me to see a candidate with no evidence promote these lies.  I know Trump has promoted lies as well.  However, we are talking about this unprecedented accusation against another country during a U.S. presidential campaign.

For those who believe anything the CIA says, I suggest they do some research into the CIA’s actions both at home and abroad.  Covert unethical or worse actions Americans had no idea were going on at the time and, are still going on.  One of those actions was interfering in other countries elections!  The intelligence agencies are an extension of the sitting president and need his approval for any action taken.  Remember, these are the same intelligence agencies that G.W. Bush used to promote the Iraq invasion.

It’s a sad day when we Americans can no longer trust anyone in either political party, government or MSM to “do the right thing”.  To put the American people’s needs above their own ambition and greed.

God Bless America and “Happy Holidays” to all.

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