I have been having many problems with WordPress.  Can’t log in because won’t accept the only password I have used since starting this site. Even when I change the password, they still won’t accept because either the “user name” or the “password” is incorrect. I had to sign in with email address (even though it’  now out in cyberspace) just to get into my WordPress site.

Then, I get this:

Renew politicsbahhumbug.me

Your domain politicsbahhumbug.me expired 11 months ago. Please renew it now to make sure visitors will be able to reach your site at that address.
Act now! politicsbahhumbug.me expired
I have paid through January, 2018 for this site!
What is going on with WordPress???

4 thoughts on “WHAT???”

  1. I had problems for almost a year with my posts beong labeled as “spam”. The wordpress systems seem to be easily hacked.
    Try contacting “Askimet”. They are the company that controls all of this stuff.


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