Who is Netanyahu?  Who is this self- serving, arrogant, dangerous man?  He has interfered in our foreign affairs, he has insulted the president of our country and now he is “summoning” the Ambassador’s from the countries (that have embassies in Israel) who voted for the U.N. Resolution to give them a “scolding”.  Adding insult to injury, Netanyahu called these Ambassadors in on Christmas Day!

Before I continue I would like to thank J Street and other Jewish organizations, as well as the majority of Jewish Americans who do not condone Netanyahu’s actions. In fact, a poll showed that 62 percent of Jewish voters agree with the U.N. resolution.  I believe it is necessary that the distinction between Jewish people and Netanyahu be clear.  Israeli’s want peace as much as the Palestinians do.  It is their leaders, not unlike some of our own, that keep us involved in these “killing wars”.

According to U.N. Ambassador to the U.N., Samantha Power said “Since the 1993 Oslo Accords, the number of settlers has increased by 355,000, bringing the total population of settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem to more than 590,000.”  Jeffrey Heller of Worldpost wrote “Israel has pursued a policy of constructing settlements on territory it captured in a 1967 war with its Arab neighbors – the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, areas Palestinians seek for a state.”  Netanyahu and some of his cronies have disavowed the two-state solution entirely.

Since 1967 every U.S. president before Obama has allowed the passage of a Security Council resolution that contained criticism of Israeli policy.  In 1980, the U.S. voted in favor of a resolution that not only said the settlements “have no legal validity” – but also called for their dismantlement.  For the past eight years Obama has “given in” to Netanyahu by allowing him to continue the settlements. Obama recently gave Netanyahu $38 billion in aid paid for by U.S. taxpayers without any “strings attached”. In fact, Obama has given Israel more aid than any other president.  Obama has in effect, been a “puppet” for Netanyahu. There are many things I didn’t know about Obama before.  With this U.N. Resolution I am learning what he didn’t do that he should have.  Now, he finally did the right thing.  I wonder if it is just because he is a “lame-duck” president and no longer cares about criticism. Of course, this will be a nice addition to his “legacy”.

Our friendship with Israel has been based on the fact they are the only democratic state in the Middle East and a “buffer” between us and the rest of the Middle East. Things have changed.

Thanks to G.W. Bush invading Iraq and Obama not only continuing that and the Afghanistan war but getting us involved in more wars in the Middle East (Libya and Syria).  I guess Israel is no longer our “buffer”.  In fact, with Netanyahu in charge, we are more likely to get involved in a nuclear war because of his determination to “rule” the Middle East.

Netanyahu has another “puppet” in President-elect Trump.  The problem is Trump could be as bad as Netanyahu. Trump says “things will be different at the U.N.” when he takes office.  I wouldn’t be too sure about that.  Trump, like Netanyahu, thinks all he has to do is “roar” and things will go his way.  Maybe this time, the American people, along with the U.N. will stop them both!



Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel was here in March this year giving a speech to the U.S. Congress trying to derail the United States and five other countries talks with Iran on a nuclear agreement.  In other words he was trying to make U.S. as well as other countries foreign policy!  He’s at it again and probably waiting for another invite from Rep. John Boehner.  You know… the guy in the United States Congress who wants the Prime Minister of Israel to decide U.S. foreign policy!!  In his statement against the Iran nuclear deal made, Netanyahu said “We knew that the will to sign an agreement is stronger than anything and that’s why we never committed ourselves to stopping it”.  Oh Really?? What was his trip to the U.S. in March all about if it wasn’t “a commitment to stopping it”??  It wasn’t to tour the White House!

Others in the Israeli government were making outrageous statements as well.  Minister of Science Danny Danon said…..”Giving the world’s largest supporter of terrorism a free pass in developing nuclear weapons”…..”.  Excuse me!  Evidently Danon has no idea what he is talking about because this agreement is the opposite!  It is to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons!  He should really do his homework before speaking!  Israeli Education Minister, Naftali Bennett said “Citizens of the Western world must understand”.  We citizens of the Western world do not need to understand your government’s behavior or listen to your fear mongering!  Bennett also called Iran “a country that wants to openly destroy nations and peoples.” This is some remark considering Israel’s “open determination to destroy Palestinians (peoples) and keep them from having a “nation” of their own!”  What a hypocrite!  Cabinet minister Miri Regev said the nuclear deal gives the Islamic Republic a “license to kill”!  Again, what “license to kill” does Israel have for killing the many innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip?  Of course, Israel has a right to defend itself. I’m not saying they don’t. However, the devastation Israel‘s bombs did in response to rockets fired by Hamas is not justified.  To obliterate a large portion of the Gaza Strip and killing many civilians is “killing”!  That is also “bad for humanity” !

Netanyahu described the deal saying “it will enable it (Iran) to continue to pursue its aggression and terror”.  What does Netanyahu call decades of forcibly evicting Arabs from their homes and replaced by Jewish settlers?  What does he call a watchtower manned by Israeli security forces surveying the neighborhood to protect Israelis, not Arabs? The area called Sheikh Jarrah was for Palestinian refugees who had fled their homes in 1948.  Instead of legal title to their homes as promised, they were made to pay rent to Israeli landlords!  Those who remain routinely face settler violence and harassment.  In both the West Bank and East Jerusalem, Israeli forces frequently carry out unannounced night raids, ransacking Palestinian homes and arresting family members without cause.  Israeli settlers freely walk the street with machine guns!  Sheikh Jarrah is just one of many Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem being encroached upon by Jewish settlements.   Just who is “pursuing aggression and terror”??

I am not condoning any terrorist actions by Iran (or any other country).  Nor am I saying I agree with the way they rule.  However, if this nuclear agreement is a done deal we can all finally “breathe a sigh of relief” that the other option (war) is “off the table”.  Since Netanyahu’s only foreign policy is war maybe it’s time he find another line of work!  He should “clean his own house before pointing his fingers at others”!

The United States has always been and will always be a friend of Israel and its people.  The people of this country pay taxes to support Israel’s economy and weapons to defend themselves.
The U.S. has given Israel billions of dollars.  As irresponsible as Netanyahu is, President Obama continues to fund and arm Israel.  It’s time for Netanyahu to be gracious and say “Thank You for your help for Israel”.  Then…he should stay out of our country’s business!!  Netanyahu is an egotistical trouble maker who does nothing to help his own people!