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Last Friday, outside a place of worship, a protest group carrying machine guns, handguns, rifles and signs saying “Stop Islam” and “No Sharia in America”!  These were some of the bigots living in Texas!  I am not a Muslim.  However, I am outraged this is actually happening in America!  What happened to “Freedom of Religion” in this country??  There are no words to fully describe those gun toting cowards!  If they had any real courage they would go to Iraq or wherever ISIS is and use those guns against the real threat!  No…. that would require them to “put their guns where their loud mouths are!!  This is what is happening in America! I am ashamed to say I am a citizen of the same country they live in.

Another gun enthusiast confronted State Rep. Nevarez (TX) in his office.  This guy’s name was not given but he was asked to leave the office by Nevarez.  His reply?  He told Nevarez he should leave his state!  That says it all!  He wants an elected official of Texas to leave Texas because he doesn’t agree with him!  It’s only going to get worse.  Why??  Because the State of Texas has passed “open carry” laws for these weapons. This now applies to colleges in Texas as well!  You can be sure other states that have a good supply of bigots and a Republican legislature will pass the same laws.

I shudder to think of all the lives that will be lost when any bigot in any state that passes more open carry gun laws gets away with murder.  Several already have.  Remember Trayvon Martin?  Remember the other young people shot because they were African American?  I’m not talking about criminals.  I am talking about innocent citizens!  The more guns allowed, the more violence there will be!

I think all the gun toting states that want to secede from the Union should be allowed to.  They will have their own “country” for the gun toting bigots as well as those who don’t want to pay taxes, help the hungry, poor or help the sick, etc.  It will be “home” for those who want to live without any rules, regulations or laws and want to outlaw religions other than the one they choose.  Of course, they will have to figure out how to survive without any federal government funding.  Since there would be no federal elections, they could decide who the “top dogs” will be by gunfights without federal intervention.  Whoever is still living can “rule” the rest!




I read an article written about Senator Bernie Sanders entrance into the presidential race.  Part of the title read “even if he can’t win”!!  Now, that is quite an opinion!  Although Sanders has just entered the race, the “political pundits” are already predicting his loss!  Whoa!  Hold on a minute!  The thought his entrance is only a good thing for the Democrats because it will give Hillary a “sparring partner” is extremely limiting and I suggest they “expand their minds” and listen to his reasons for entering this race.

This pessimism is based on the fact Hillary Clinton holds a lead in the polls, has more money than “Midas”, has more operatives and has “secured” the endorsement of “most” of the party’s leaders.  Really now!  Can any political pundit think “outside the box” just once??  Is it possible Sanders message will resonate with the public more than anyone expected?  Is…

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