Even though I don’t think Hillary Clinton is the best Democratic candidate to run for president, there is no question in my mind about how unqualified Chris Christie is to be president. Who does he think he is fooling?

Since Christie became Governor of New Jersey the unemployment rate is higher than any surrounding state.  Christie cut education funds.  Christie would not fund the $2.4 Billion that was promised to the state’s retirement fund.  On Christie’s “watch”, his state has been downgraded eight times because of “financial instability”!  Christie wants to cut Social Security and Medicare.  And, of course, there is always “Bridgegate”!!

When 70% of the people in the state you govern say they would not vote for you,   I wouldn’t plan on winning any more political positions!  Christie can “huff and puff” all he wants.  That doesn’t change the fact his political aspirations are no longer possible.  His time is past.  Giving a speech on “foreign policy” is not going to change things.  Especially, since Christie has no experience in foreign policy whatsoever!

Whoever you are, the choices you make define you.  The choices Christie has made tells everyone he is not qualified to be president!



Let me preface this article by saying I admire Hillary Clinton for what she has accomplished.    She has been First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State.  What other woman in history has attained this much in her lifetime? However, that is not enough for Hillary Clinton!  Now, she wants to be President of the United States!  I am extremely sorry Hillary puts her “wants” ahead of what is best for this country.  Hillary knows full well that a “Hillary campaign” will, once again, “relive” the “Clinton past” (Hillary and Bill’s past).  Hillary knows she will get “full press” wherever she goes. Most importantly, Hillary knows full well how much time will be spent on Hillary, the person. Time not spent on what this country needs or what she, as president will do about it.  This is why I am so disappointed in her choice to run for president.  She is putting herself first and the country last.

Hillary is a skilled politician.  However, this is not “the” qualifying factor.  Being an experienced politician does not necessarily mean she is capable of being president. She did not show these “necessary capabilities” for president in the 2008 primary and she has yet to show them this time around.  What I see now is very smart politician “putting all her ducks in a row”.   Hillary has a very “slick” campaign prepared to “woo” the voters.  She will have “chats” and drink tea, coffee and whatever else with them.  She will talk about being a grandmother (all warm and fuzzy), talk about “breaking the glass ceiling” and other topics “of her choosing”. This is all “political gamesmanship” and has nothing whatsoever to do with what the American people need from their president.  All of this “hullabaloo” does not change Hillary’s “inner self”.  It only shows her “outer shell”.  Hillary is a “driven politician” and her objective has always been to “win” whatever office she runs for.  This is what Hillary Clinton is.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have accumulated a large group of people “who owe them” for favors given all these past years. This is the “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” crowd!  Hillary’s supporters believe it is “Hillary’s turn” (as Ann Romney believed it was Mitts)!  These people who actually believe running for president because yes“It’s your turn” are so far out of touch with the American people, no amount of “coffee chats” will get their vote!  These supporters believe it is time for a woman president.  A recent poll showed it makes no difference to the voters if it is a man or woman.

To those who say she is qualified to be president…. I say, “show me”!   My first question is “why did you vote yes to invade Iraq”?


Republicans Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Lindsay Graham and Rep. John Boehner are out in force to do everything they can to stop the U.S. (and other countries involved in the negotiations with Iran) before they even reach an “agreement”! They continue to use the word “agreement” when the negotiating stage is at “a “framework”!  Sen. Corker wants to have a vote in the Foreign Relations Committee on April 14th even though there is “no agreement” or anything concrete to vote on!  Sen. Cotton keeps using his tried and useless “scare tactics”.

McConnell and Boehner went to Israel to strategize their “plot” with P.M. Netanyahu to stop this “framework”.  Netanyahu, the “perpetual pessimist” now wants to include his own demands in this “agreement” even though he is not now or has he ever been involved in these delicate negotiations.  He has been steadfast in saying “Any deal would be a bad deal”!  In other words, he now wants to have “his own deal” with Iran!  This guy gets more brazen every time  he gets together with these “stooges”!  All of them ignore the fact that Netanyahu is the leader of a foreign country insinuating himself into another country’s foreign policy!! These “stooges” could care less what is best for our country!

Boehner said “It is clear that this deal is a direct threat to peace and security of the region and the world”!  I guess this poor “deluded” fellow believes having a war with Iran would bring “peace and security to the region and the world”!!  McConnell has said as much.  As for Lindsay Graham…..he outdoes them with his statements; “The best deal comes with a new president” and “Everyone on our side could do better”!!  Again, he refers to a “deal” that hasn’t even been made yet.  How does he know what a “new president” would do when we don’t even know who the new president would be?  This leaves no doubt as to what his and his cohorts are really doing.  They are still trying “to get Obama”!  I think all of them have been in congress too long and need to go home to “pout”!   They have no sense of responsibility to the American people.  They are willing to have a war rather than give President Obama credit for a peace agreement with Iran.  They know perfectly well that a war with Iran would destabilize the entire region as well as other countries involved.  They know perfectly well that the unnecessary war in Iraq cost at least Four Trillions dollars and the loss of more than 6,800 lives of  U.S. soldiers with over 52,000 wounded.  We still don’t know the exact number of Iraqi’s innocent women and children killed in this misguided war!  “Those who “disregard” the past will repeat it”!

I don’t know how many or the names of the Democrats that are joining this “Republican farce”. I do know one that has given “fodder” to the Republicans.  That is Sen. Chuck Schumer. Now that he believes he will be the next Senate leader of his party, he is “flexing his muscles” like a “puffer fish”!  He is another one who has been in congress too long and needs to go home!  The other Democrats going against an agreement with a peaceful solution should go home too!!










Gov. Pence of Indiana and his cohorts talk about “religious freedom”.  What kind of Christians are they?  Do they remember the Ten Commandments?  Do they practice them?  Evidently not to both questions!  At the very least, they should read Matthew 7, vs 1, “Judge not, that ye be not judged”/ Verse 2, “For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged”.  The book of Matthew gives us many reminders of how Jesus wants us to live our lives.  They need to read the whole book of Matthew.

I was raised in a “faith based” family, baptized, confirmed, went to Sunday school, Church, joined the church youth organization, sang in the choir, taught Sunday school and played the organ for church services.  Does this make me a Christian?  If I go to church every Sunday, does that make me a Christian?

The teachings of Jesus I learned throughout my life are not the teachings I am hearing in news broadcasts, “talk shows”, newspaper columns, magazine articles, etc. from the “Sanctimonious and Puritanical” religious groups.  They are preaching hate, not love.

The teachings of Jesus I learned were love one another as yourself, have compassion, understanding and a non-judgmental acceptance of others.  Whenever a “Christian” talks   about “their” interpretation of the bible they must be very careful not to have this “Holier than thou” attitude.  Remember, we are ALL sinners…even those who go to church every Sunday!

I feel the word “Christian” and what it means has been “hijacked” by the loudest, most hateful and “self-loving” people I have ever heard who claim to be “Christians”.  These people do not practice the teachings of Jesus!  They are using “the name of the Lord in vain”!




Haven’t we had enough of Bush and Clinton “politics”?  Evidently these two dynasties don’t think so.  They continue to want to “rule” America.  So…. it looks like we are in for another prolonged battle of the same old politics.  Nothing new or fresh…just the same old politics!

In a previous blog, I stated why Hillary Clinton would not be good for our country.   Now, it is time to give reasons why Jeb Bush would not be good for our country.

Jeb agreed with all the decisions his brother, G.W. Bush, made while President, including invading Iraq.  Anyone who thinks Jeb will govern differently than G.W. is mistaken.  With Jeb’s selections of the same people who “ran the government” for G.W, we would be on that same path again!  Those who believe Jeb is more moderate are sadly mistaken.  He has made it one of his goals to “appear” moderate.

Jeb has selected the same Foreign Policy advisors for “his administration” that were in G.W.’s administration.  The same Foreign Policy advisors who took us to war in Iraq!!   It looks like the G.W. administration all over again!   Jeb would have no problem taking us to war with Iran.  Jeb may be a “smoother talker” than his brother but have no doubt he will have the same extreme conservative agenda.

Some of Jeb’s e-mails while governor have been deleted recently (as he derides Hillary for deleting some of hers).   He has also “back tracked” on statements he made in the past.  A typical politician’s ploy to create a “clean slate”!  He will not be able to “delete” news videos of his views or his agenda.  They will “come out”.

Although Jeb Bush has been less critical of President Obama in the past, now that he is running for president he is being more critical than ever. These are the typical Republican criticisms when they can’t really find anything else to “get Obama”.  Jeb is going along with the standard Republican behavior to ingratiate himself among his fellow Republicans.

Jeb Bush has already met his financial goal for his campaign.  He has the “Bush” name.  This is not a difficult task when your father and brother are previous presidents!  You have the same experienced help from those who have already done fundraising for both of them. This is not exactly a difficult, new or “pristine” way of fundraising.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled there is no limit to campaign contributions nor do these contributions need to be made public.  The court has also allowed Wisconsin (possibly many other states as well) to repress voters rights.  The U.S. Supreme Court has possibly helped “crown: another Bush president again!!


Does anyone believe members of the U.S. Supreme Court do not have their own bias??  Does anyone believe because they are the highest court in the country, they can put aside this bias when ruling on issues brought before them (ones they choose to consider!).  Being on the U.S. Supreme Court does not automatically make a judge “un-biased”

Anyone who has knowledge of the Supreme Court members (past and present) are able to “decipher” this bias. To start, all we have to do is know which president appointed them to the Supreme Court.  For instance, out of the last eleven Judges nominated, nine were nominated by a Republican president and four were nominated by a Democratic president.  Some of them have retired.  If one were to note how these judges voted in recent years, it would be a good “eye opener” as to their bias.

In 2000, this highest court in the land stopped the voting for the President of the United States.  They “crowned” George W. Bush president.  This court has “overturned” one of the most important Voters Rights Acts since it was made into law.  This court has ruled to put no limits on election contributions from the wealthy and corporations. This court has ruled these contributions can be in “secret”.

Now, this court has refused to even consider the challenge to the Wisconsin Voter ID law which requires state issued photo ID.  This law affects 300,000 voters in Wisconsin.  Most of them who vote Democrat such as the elderly, college students, the poor and African Americans.  This not only gives Wisconsin Republicans a clear victory to determine “who votes” in their elections.  It also “opens the door” for other states trying to pass the same repressive law.  It has been proven that voting fraud in any state is almost non-existent.  However, if a political party such as the Republicans can willfully change the voting laws to suit themselves and the highest court in the land gives them a “pass”, what do we need this U.S. Supreme Court for?

The current U.S. Supreme Court has done more to repress the individual’s constitutional rights than any other court since its inception!  When a member of the U.S. Supreme Court attends and takes part in one political party’s affairs and ignores the other political party altogether, does this say un-biased?  When a wife of a member of the U.S. Supreme Court is visibly helping a particular political party that spreads lies about the other side, does this sound un-biased??

These are just some of the reasons that there should be term limits for the U.S. Supreme Court, just as well as there is for the President of the United States.  Once these members are “in”, they are set for life.  They can be as “biased” as they want and no one has any recourse to take them out of the highest court in the land.  This is absolutely intolerable!!


They are at it again!!  Sen. Mitch McConnell presented the Republican’s 2015 Budget.  The wealthy members of the U.S. Congress have cut the sick, homeless and hungry people out of their 2015 Budget.  This includes the “working” poor, Veterans and the elderly on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  They left “no stone unturned” when it comes to these cuts!  There is no end to what these members of congress will do to “balance the budget” so they can keep the tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations!  At the expense of everyone else!


Both houses of Congress are full of members who have garnered themselves at least a million and in most cases, many millions in their time in office.  These millions are not from their salary.  These millions are from the wealthy, Wall Street and corporations to “buy” their votes to stop laws they don’t want.  They have received “favors” from the lobbyists on K Street and many other greedy organizations. The list is long for those who contribute to this kind of “buying spree”!  It tells us how much these people in congress truly care for the American people.  As long as they keep getting the “larger part of the pie”, these greedy congressmen will continue to be bought.  Their part of the pie keeps getting larger every year!!


The only solution to this ongoing problem is term limits   for all members of the U.S. Congress,   just as there is for the U.S. President.  The longer these “crooks” are in congress, the more they become “addicted” to the money and power.  The longer they are in power, the more they become “crooked”!   The real problem is the same crooked congressmen make the laws!  They will never allow a law to pass that limits their terms in congress!  This is a very real threat to our Democracy.  We have already seen what happens when these wealthy congressmen are in control.


I am sure many people feel strongly about this issue but feel powerless to do anything about it.  Since these crooks will never pass a “term limit” bill, it is up to the voters to vote them out of office.  This is the only choice we have.  I do believe the majority of the American people want term limits for these crooks so if they vote these crooks out, we have a chance to change things in congress.  Democracy can still work.



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